Common Membership Benefits


  1. Members will get invited to join Editorial Board of Listed Journals.
  2. Members will get full support to improve their API score.
  3. Members will get invited to participate & play key roles in Academic events like seminars, conferences, workshops etc.
  4. Members will get full technical & operational support to organize seminar, conferences or other academic events at their institutions.
  5. Members will get chance to become a part of research projects (UGC/Govt. Sponsored) carried out at member institutions or departments.
  6. Members will get support & guidance to prepare project proposals aspiring funding support from UGC or Govt. departments.
  7. Members can invite senior academicians, research scholars or researchers to create operational team for their research projects.
  8. Members will get free access & subsidized charges for publication in listed journals & proceedings.
  9. Members will get full support to publish their book or thesis as a book with ISBN.


We are exhilarated to invite members from academic community to contribute and participate in IMPARC activities.

Academicians, lecturers, Professors & Research Scholars can join IMPARC as a Mentor,, Editorial board member, Lifetime member, Student member, Keynote Speaker.

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