Institutional Members List


TechMiracle is a Research & Development enterprise. It was founded in 2010. Our staffs comprised to standards of accountability, integrity, creativity, and competence. TechMiracle’s intelligentsia comprises experts with immense experience in IT Research, Industrial Applications, Research Programming, Mathematical Modeling, and Documentation. With this right and rare blend of skilled resource, innovations happen as a daily activity, and boasts of having published several papers in major journals across the globe. Visit Website

KEISIE International University

KEISIE International has worked diligently over the pasty several years to build its reputation on academic excellence, educational integrity, and high quality support services. The University is a private Institution of Higher Education, and one of the first International schools serving a global community that is designed specifically for adults who seek to achieve their Master's or Doctoral Degree. The University not only provides a flexible, high-quality, and seamless instructional management system that gives students better learning opportunities, but the courses and degree programs are specifically designed for self-directed adults. KEISIE can provide learning venues for many career and professional paths. Visit Website