IGNITED MINDS PROFESSIONAL & ACADEMIC RESEARCH CONSORTIUM (IMPARC) is an initiative of GLOBAL EDUCATION MISSION SOCIETY (GEMS) a non-profit organization approved and registered under society registration act -1973.
We are basically an alliance of organizations and individuals like Academicians, Senior Professors , Scientists, Lecturers, Research Professionals and Research Scholars with an aim to promote academic research by Social Networking, Information Sharing, Technology Sharing and Collaboration.

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  • Mrs. Babita Bansal
    Mrs. Babita Bansal
    Editorial Board
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Vivek Singh Sachan
    Dr. Vivek Singh Sachan
    Editorial Board
    Assistant Professor In Institute of Business Management, C.S.J.M. University
  • Dr. Kishor V
    Dr. Kishor V
    Organizing Committee
    Physical Education Director
  • Dr. C S
    Dr. C S
    Keynote Speaker
    Professor Cse
  • Dr. Varun Kumar
    Dr. Varun Kumar
    Editorial Board
    Professor and Head, Mechanical Engineering, India
  • Dr. Atul Dhakar
    Dr. Atul Dhakar
    Editorial Board
    Assistant Professor In Mechanical Engineering Department, Gits College, Gwalior.
  • Dr. Sampark Acharya
    Dr. Sampark Acharya
    Editorial Board
    Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Faculty B.Ed. Rajasthan Shiksha Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Idia
  • Mrs. Amulya Nigam
    Mrs. Amulya Nigam
    Editorial Board
    Assistant Professor, School of Business and Law, Navrachna University, Vadodara
  • Ms. Pinky Rajwani
    Ms. Pinky Rajwani
    Organizing Committee
    Research Scholar
  • Dr. Shimpi Singh Jadon
    Dr. Shimpi Singh Jadon
    Assistant Professor, Vikrant Group of Institutions, Gwalior


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Advantages with IMPARC!

Join Community of Elite Academicians

IMPARC members community “built for academicians, by academicians, with the idea that research can do more when it’s driven by collaboration.” The main goal of membership program is to connect academicians in order to foster collaboration.

Publish your Seminar-Conference Proceedings with us

We invite organizers of academic events to collaborate with us to publish best research papers of the seminars, conferences and special lecture series.

Promote your Academic Event with us

A microsite that would entail the complete details of your conference will be developed & Promotional emails, Call for papers & conference Invitations will be sent to targeted groups

Start your online journals with ISSN

You can also use forthcoming event as an opportunity to start your own e-Journal of International standards with I-Publisher

Join our API Score improvement program

We spend time with you to explore your needs for API evaluation. This provides us with an insight into how you can increase your API count in your academic profile for a successful professorship.

Get your existing journal indexed in first digital catalog of indian journals

After adding your journal to our digital catalog, rating will be provided to journals depend on number of viewers and users of your Journal webpage. Rating will be shown on your digital catalog.

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